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Security Guard Procedures

One of the best ways to keep your business secure aside for having an ID card system in place and the like comes through hiring security guards. Security guards can monitor the on-goings of a building or job site and in the process help keep your employees safe and secure while they do their job. When you hire a security guard, it is important to know just what you will be getting from them as a result.   The Procedure on Arrests: If someone tries to enter your office building or job site or poses a danger to your workplace as a whole, the security officer in place does have the authority to make a citizen’s arrest in the situation. While they are not required to make arrests, security guards can act as an agent of law enforcement at the request of a police officer or sheriff.   The Procedure on Crime: The security guard’s primary job is to prevent and deter crime from your workplace. Companies should be sure to inform the security guards they hire about the company rules. The security officers can then enforce the company rules and serve as a protector over the lives of the company and the property itself. Security guards should react to crime on the building by handcuffing and restraining those parties.   The Procedure on Dealing with Employees: When you hire a security company to put a guard in place at your company, it becomes their job to make sure they aren’t letting in people that don’t belong. For example, the security officer must be in charge of monitoring gates and building entrances along with checking employee ID cards and visitor badges.      

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